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Dated February 15, 2015


The following are our standard industry terms, which apply to all work.



Standard Trade Terms:


1. Payment Schedule:   Fifty percent (50%) deposit, plus known/estimated expenses are to be given at start;
twenty-five (25%) upon approval of designs; and all balances and additional expenses to be paid upon project completion. Deposits are non-refundable once work begins. Grant of usage rights is based upon full payment.

For practicality, both quick turn-around projects, and long-term project may modify schedule accordingly.

Subscription services like BLITZ are paid in full in advance.


2. Changes:   Client shall be responsible for any fees for amendments to the project as described. Graphlink will work diligently to conform to the original assignment. Client shall offer Graphlink the first opportunity to make any changes to its creations. Text proofing and final approval on all work are left to the Client, unless proofing is commissioned.


3. Ownership of Artwork/merchandise:   Unless agreed to in written form, Graphlink retains ownership of all artwork, except for the specific usage rights listed in the agreement. Graphlink shall be given appropriate credit on any product of its work. The Client must copyright all published works. Client indemnifies Graphlink Studios and its agents against all claims arising from use of any media provided by Client, or obtained under Client direction.


4. Usage: The usage rights of final art/merchandise created for the client must not exceed those stated on invoice. All usage is contingent on all balances paid in full.


5. Rescheduling & Cancellations: Scheduled projects that involve reserved dates and times  (photo or video shoots, for example) must be rescheduled or canceled at LEAST ONE WEEK prior to the start date. Under that time a "Kill" fee must be charged. We use the industry standard of 50%.


6. Conflict Resolution:   Any third-party resolution shall be held in the jurisdiction of New York City, NY.



Dated June 2019


Date June 2020:  BLITZ has a new home at


Graphlink's BLITZ Marketing:

BLITZ Marketing  is an annual subscription service designed for small and medium-sized businesses, offering monthly marketing, creative and production services in an affordable package. Graphlink reserves the right to determine a company's appropriateness for this particular service.


Graphlink/BLITZ Dashboard

The dashboard interface assigned to the customer is the primary method of placing orders, giving directions and transferring needed documents between client and Graphlink.


Every Month, Graphlink Provides The Following Marketing Services:

  1. Monthly Consulting Graphlink provides monthly marketing consultation and advice (via phone, email or video chat), to determine, based on previous experience and best practices, the following:
    1. Branding & ProductsDuring our monthly consultations, we will discuss ways to improve your company branding, and look at ways to improve your product offerings to increase sales and profit.
    2. Platform—We will work with client to determine which platforms and channels will best serve client goals.
    3. Communications—What messaging should be expected to work best, and how your company would be best served in moving forward.
    4. Marketing Materials—We will discuss what marketing materials and efforts will be needed to best serve goals.
  2. Advertising Production Services—Every month we provide the following services:
    1. Advertising Design—Concept and design of your advertising (channel chosen from our list of options).
    2. Layout Production—Such as the digital/mechanical layout.
    3. Typography—We will include all typography design and services.
    4. Graphic Design—We will include essential graphic design and production.
    5. Retouching—We will include essential retouching services.
    6. Advertising Copy Writing—We will include basic short form advertising copy-writing.
    7. LIMITATIONS to production services :
      • The BLITZ campaign includes a total of 4 hours of production per monthly cycle. Over that a client shall be billed hourly for our services. BLITZ clients are billed at a reduced hourly fee.
      • Major creative services such as photo, video and art creation are not included. Retouching beyond minor corrections are not included. All of these services available at a reduced additional fee.
      • Services that are not natively offered by Graphlink are not included. For example, we are not printers, we are not the USPS, and we are not an advertising platform. These services must be  paid in advance, and are non-refundable in whole or in part. See more on third-party services below.


Third-Party Services:  
Graphlink is able to project manage any and all BLITZ campaigns from start to finish. This includes the engagement of ad media space purchases (magazine, online or broadcast), printers, distribution services (usually the US Postal Service or an email campaign service). Compensation for this additional management services is calculated by adding an additional 25% of total third-party costs. (With a minimum of 2 hours reduced production fee.)

When Graphlink handles all of your third-party vendor needs, we stand behind our work, and make sure the entire process is a smooth and problem-free as possible.

Please note that if client handles the project management, any technical errors and delays from wrong or omitted information will fall on the client. We recommend avoiding such costly problems by having Graphlink handle your entire project. This will result in higher quality products, that are delivered to spec, and on time.


Subscription Payment:  
As an annual subscription service, full payment must be made at the start of the service.


Monthly Production Date:  
The Client's recurring production date (between the 1st and 28th of each month) is agreed to and issued, and must be adhered to for each of the 12 monthly campaigns. All client information, direction and provided content must be submitted PRIOR TO THAT DATE. Missed production dates are non-refundable.


Graphlink reserves the right to update these terms without notice. Please refer back here to confirm terms before any project.

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