BLOG:  Focusing on SMB Marketing

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While we work with small, medium and large international companies,

this blog's focus will be on the small to medium sized company (SMB) looking to make serious growth and establish significant brand recognition.


Lance Evans on advertising and marketing.

In addition to being our Creative Director and a veteran of many top advertising agencies in New York, Lance is also  a professional writer on the subjects related to advertising and marketing for over 15 years.

Lance has written educational books and DVDs for major publishers (Charles River Media/Thomson/Cengage) that have sold at Barnes & Noble and Amazon, written for numerous industry print and online magazines (3D World Magazine,, Art Business News, MaximumPC), including cover stories and for publications with over 2.5 million readers each month. Lance has also developed projects and seminars for Advertising Age and Apple computer, across many years.

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