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For over 25 years, Graphlink Media|NY has shared its marketing and branding talents with its big clients.

 Now it's your turn.

The Most Critical Year of Your Business Life.

More businesses will fail this year than any other time in history. Imagine that.

            7.5 million small businesses will shut permanently.1

               “Only 47 percent of small businesses

               expected to survive past 2020. 2

Post COVID, business owners are confused, and unsure how to keep
their businesses afloat. And how to grow them to full potential.


How can your company surviveand even thrive?

A Silver-Lining For Many, Read On!

Every economic down-turn creates new wealth,  and many small companies explode with new success. The reasons for this aren’t that complicated:  Everything’s been shaken up, with many old rules getting tossed out the window. It’s a fresh start for those with the drive to take advantage. (We recommend our BLITZ Marketing!)


Will you keep coasting, or finally grow your business?

GRAPHLINK’S FREE 1-on-1 Tele-Coaching

The series of Tele-Coaching is with our Director, Lance Evans. “This is an opportunity to quickly help hundreds of businesses move past obstacles, and really hit their targets.” says Lance.


In his 30-year marketing career in NYC he has been on staff at top ad agencies like JWT, FCB, and Bates Worldwide. He has created campaigns for big-brands like American Express, Miller Beer, Olive Garden. He’s launched start-ups, and helped make big companies out of small ones.


In your private 1-on-1 session, Lance will discuss many of these subjects:

  • Pinpoint your primary market and customer
  • Identify your various levels of  competition
  • Define your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Find the best ways to communicate your value
  • Identify your strongest sales channels
  • Minimize COVID's impact on your business


During good economic times many
small businesses simply coast along.

Those days are over. In the coming year
we'll see that many companies without integrated marketing, will fai

But this CAN be prevented!

 Now it's your turn,

To ask the New York Adman Your Questions.

Reserve Your FREE Session.

Now is your opportunity to get the kind of business and marketing advice
you've always wanted. From a seasoned New York adman.

FREE 25 minutes tele-coaching session. Enough time for Lance to give a business owner core feedback, and essential marketing advice.

(Additional sessions available at reduced rates.)

Step 1:   Click the "Book Appointment" button below, fill out the form.

Step 2:   Pick available day/time. (Note:  Free seminars are not re-schedulable.)

Step 3:   You will receive a confirmation email with links.

One is "Add to Calendar". Please set yourself a reminder!

Another is "Join Your Meeting." No added software required
for use on desktop/laptop, just a current web browser.

Mobile devices will need the Teleport app.

Step 4: Before your meeting, simply click the "Join Your Meeting" link
to open the  video/audio settings. Make sure everything works,
and at the time of your meeting, click "Start Meeting".





WHO IS ELIGIBLE:   Any small to medium sized business owner. From anywhere in the world, as long as your
English is clear. Internet connection must be clear, with minimal interruptions. One session per business or caller.
No existing clients, please.  Sessions not meeting these basic criteria may be terminated.

Live Education Seminars

Lance produced and hosted two years of educational seminars for Apple Computer, held in their Apple Marketing Center, in midtown Manhattan. These were standing room only events for up to 300 attendees, and featured the top industry speakers in the graphic arts.

Lance also created seminars for various advertising agencies, including J. Walter Thompson, Bates Advertising, Jerry Della Femina, and held computer graphics lectures at Tekserve in Chelsea. He has recently given Small-Medium Business (SMB) Marketing seminars for the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce. And produced a range of educational material for the companies listed below.


 Learn More About Graphlink & BLITZ Marketing

Graphlink's BLITZ Monthly Marketing ensures your business has a new marketing campaign each and every month. Watch your sales explode!

For just a few dollars a day, get the marketing team you need to grow your business.

Learn more about BLITZ

Graphlink's talented team has won many awards for its advertising, publishing and multimedia work.

Work with our winning team, and build your business.

Graphlink partners with top support teams, including Google Online Marketing, IBM Gold  Line Servers, Adobe.

We deliver the industry's finest technology & creative.





(c) 2020 Graphlink and Lance Evans. All rights reserved.




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